Pisces 2015 Personal Horoscope

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking a step up and being a bigger, better you, 2015 is your year! Fresh, unexpected opportunities are everywhere, and doors will magically open for you, Pisces.

Be sensible, not giddy. Take all this good luck seriously, and say “thank you” often.

Give yourself enough attention and be healthy, especially in January through April. January and February (with the January 19 Mars-Neptune conjunction and the February 21 Venus-Mars conjunction) will keep you busy but happy.

Family and friends help you keep a lid on the wild times and offer sanity, harmony, and gentle fun and relaxation close to home. People may have high expectations of you, especially in the summer, and you may overextend yourself trying not to disappoint anyone.

Focus as much on yourself as others and become all that you want to be!