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Prayers in short to God. Pray Daily

Daily Short Prayers to God

Someone said one should pray daily without fail, not because he/she wants something but for all the things he/she is already having.

Oh Lord,
Please give me hope, when I feel like giving up,
Please give me a ray of light in the darkness of the night,
Please be my strength in life,
So, that I can smile to strive,
Please don’t leave my hand,
Please be there till I stand!

Thank you Lord for giving me all,
That I want in life,
You are the reason for my happiness,
Through all the strive,
You are the reason for smile,
All through the life and while,
Thank you Lord for giving such a wonderful life!

Let me start with a big thank you,
For all the things, you gave in life,
For that hope in the strive,
For those dreams of the night,
For all the wishes so bright,
For all other things at might,
Thank you for everything my Lord!

When everything has a meaning

In this journey of life,
When everything is so undecided
Thy name gives a power to say
When I pray to you
I get a strength to have my say
God thy love and blessings are indeed my life
Your love only helps me to strive
Thank you my Lord for all your love
In your shelter there is no shove!

When your love is bestowed

When thy love is bestowed on me,
All I know that I feel the best
I know that things are not ok
But you are there for every test
And I know that you are standing right behind me
Guiding me and showing me the way
A right way to ecstasy
Thank you so much oh Lord!
Thanks to Almighty God!

You have always been there for me

My family has always been there for me
Today I ask for them and their life
Keep them healthy and keep them wise
So that they are able to lead a wishful life
Bless them oh lord is all I want to say
Make them smile and happy all day!
Oh Lord asking for them per say!
Bless them all on your way!
Your blessings will help them!

Things do change in life

Things do change with time
One thing that does not change
Is your name oh Almighty
You are there and your love so true
Till the eternity!
So I bow in front of you to thank you
For all the things you give old and new
Thanks for your eternal love!

God bless me oh kind

God when you bless me along the way
It will bring cheer to me and I will smile
When I know that you are there with me
When I know that every while
Your love and that Longing in heart
You have always been there from start
When fear grips in my mind
I don’t feel so very kind,
It’s your thy name that I take
All the decisions get easier to make
Bless me every time with your love
Your choicest blessings I need the most
Oh Lord please bless everyone around!

Lord please stand in front of me

Oh lord as I stand in front of you toady
It’s all I wish that you give me
I ask for kindness so that I stay grounded
Humility so that I be so good
I ask for patience so that I be kind
I ask for forgiveness oh mighty kind
Keep me the way I am in life
To give more should be my virtue
Keep me going so that I get to see
All the things that make me happy
Oh Lord please stay along with me
So that I get to see happiness and
All that is in my destiny
Lord please bless me with your love and
Kindness with Mercy..Amen!

Dear God,
I know that I am silly at times,
I know that I am a bit weird,
But your love gives me the power to pray,
Today I just have one word to say,
And, that is thanks from my heart,
For making my life so beautiful from the start!

I thank God for everything I have.