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What are the Three words

What are the Three words that can change a womans mood for almost an entire day happy?

Good Morning Sweety. My Beautiful dear.

About as said Symbol of Love TAJ MAHAL

About as said Symbol of Love TAJ MAHAL built by Shahjahan after death of Mumtaz: 1. Mumtaz was Shahjahans 4th wife frm his 7 wives. 2. Shah jahan killed Mumtajs husband in war field to marry her. 3. Mumtaj died in her 14th delivery. 4. He then married Mumtazs sister. 5. People who built tajmahal all wer killed by shah jahan. Is Taj mahal true symbol of LOVE?

Be Frank to say about me

Be Frank to say about me Use only – Yes | No | Little | More. Selfish: Beautiful: Crazy: Sincere: Rude: Caring: Cool: Talkative: Funny: Boring: Loving: MUST REPLY.

Solve this for fun!

Solve this; Its for fun! : What is 2 x 9 x 50000 x the half of 8 x 9746 x 453000 x 920

The answer is 0! as when you cut 8 into half is 0!

Question of Maths

Question: 4___4___4___4 = 20 Use + – / * To Solve It. Its A Challenge. Reply The Answer.

Answer is (((4/4)+4)*4) = 20

Mind Game Words Puzzle

Mind Game: Solve it if you are smart enough. CORRECT THE SPELLING SIMPLE WORDS with hint. Q1: OKEYRWN;City Q2: KASNLRIA;Country Q3: RUBELPM;Profession Q4: DIKYEN;Body part Q5: PITLLU;Flower Q6: TONPYHE;Animal Q7: NOMETARLLEW;Fruit Q8: NICEPSH;Vegetable Q9: MAVBCE;Invention Q10: DOCLYU;Weather

1 – new york; 2 – sri lanka; 3 – plumber; 4 – kidney; 5 – tulip; 6 – python; 7 – watermelon; 8 – spinach; 9 – Webcam 10 – cloudy.