Sagittarius 2015 Love Horoscope Unmarried

2015 is a fiery fun year, Sagittarius. With plenty of Earth energy, especially after Jupiter enters Virgo in August, you should not only thrive, but also avoid running yourself ragged.
Friends may suggest many “dream” dates, and a great variety of romantic prospects could come your way as early as February and March. April could be so busy that it might get on your nerves. Avoid being rude unless someone royally deserves it or you really don’t have the energy. This should be rare if ever, though.
If looking for someone more long-term, you may be more willing to give a promising partner a second or third chance this year. You may think their attention span too short or their values or taste not deep enough, but Saturn in Sagittarius will prevent you from rash judgments, especially from April to June.
June, July, and August are power months. The Sun forms a conjunction with Venus, then Jupiter, culminating in the sexy Venus-Mars conjunction on August 31. Enjoy, but don’t spontaneously combust with passion or go rapturously floating away.
September and October await you with calmer, more harmonious romantic connections to make.

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