Scorpio 2015 Personal Horoscope

Powerful good luck and instant energy are at your fingertips in 2015, Scorpio. Given your natural level of intensity, you’ll need extra effort almost every day to not burn out or frazzle the people around you.
Be cool and a bit distant if necessary in February and March when instincts are tested and people become harder to read. Reserve judgment about others but don’t over-idealize them – namely friends and family.
When Mars conjuncts Uranus (March 11) and when the Sun conjuncts Uranus (April 6), the Moon will be in Scorpio, affecting you more strongly than most other signs. Be braced for surprises.
Respect your physical limits, avoid overexertion, and be healthy and ambitious. Such a fiery year can be hard on a Water Sign like you, but 2015 gives you plenty of Earth energy to anchor and get you through!

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