There is no artist like a MOTHER

Every artist; poet; painter or actor give their name to their works. But there is no artist like a MOTHER;
who gives birth to a child but gives fathers name.

Shah Rukh Khan, An actor

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan, An actor and One of the top celebrities in India. He had to sleep on the bench and borrow money to travel during start.

Rajnikanth, A top Actor in India


Rajnikanth, A top Actor in India. At around age 25 he worked as a Bus Conductor. He worked hard then to become and actor and he succeeded.

Lasith Malinga and Indian Actor

Lasith Malinga Funny

Lasith Malinga after the Cricket World Cup 2011. Actually the below is face of an Indian Actor looks similar to Lasith Malinga of Sri Lanka


Film LOOT LE INDIA Hero: Manmohan Singh. Heroine: Soniya Gandhi. Villian: Raja. Script by: Karunanidhi. Guest Appearance: Rahul Gandhi. Comedy: Sharad Powar. Supporting Actor: Suresh Kalmadi. Choreography: Sheila Dixit. Action: Mamta Benerji. Music By: Nira Radia. Produced By: 100cr Poor Indian corp Ltd.

Where your partner is from

Tell me one of your favorite month. But; that should not be your birthday month. Then I will tell you where your partner is from! REPLY ME FAST dont think. Its 100% true!

Jan: classmate; Feb: actor; Mar: Your wish; Apr: college mate; May: lover; June: parents choice; July: A friend; Aug: Relative; Sept: Your dream person; Oct: stranger; Nov: Neighbor; Dec: beggar.

Brucelees favourite

Brucelee’s Favourites:
Favourite Vegetable: Mu-Lee.
Favourite Breakfast: Id-Lee.
Favourite Animal: Bilee,
Favourite Actor: Chame-Lee.
Favourite Music: Qawwa-Lee,
Favourite Timepaas: Khuj-Lee…