Why did Jack keep the door

Why did Jack keep the door open while bathing? Because he was afraid that someone might watch him from key hole.

Dont be afraid of

Dont be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it; you can do it. By Walt Disney

You are not afraid to

You are not afraid to try again. You are afraid of getting hurt for the same reason.

Little bit of Jealousy

A little bit of Jealousy in a relationship is Good. It Is Always nice to know that SOMEONE is afraid of Losing YOU. I love you!

Be not afraid of anyone

People will hate you; rate you; shake you and break you. How strong you stand is what makes you. Think big; be not afraid of anyone!

Obama meets Rajnikant

Obama meets Rajnikant. Obama: I AM NOT AFRAID. Rajnikant: I love the way you lie. haha