We Aim our goals

We Aim our goals; but do you know what the full form of AIM is? Its AMBITION IN MIND

Morning has a great meaning

Morning has a great meaning.
Every mrng the SUN says
“Wake up like me”
SKY says
“Aim my height”
WIND says
“Refresh like me”.GUD MRNG HAVE A NICE DAY

Nothing is impossible

Nothing is impossible in this world if you have courage and strong desires for your aim.


DREAM and AIM are both Sensational Words. make a Dream as Aim; but do not make Aim as a Dream.

Feeling Good and the Best

It feels Good to Stand on Ground and Watch Up High at Your AIM. But it Feels The Best When You Stand Up High and Others Watch YOU as Their AIM!

The aim of an argument

The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but progress. by Joseph Joubert