Miss you so much

Close Your Eyes; Relax Your Body and stop breathing as Long as you can. Now Breath. I Miss You as Much as You Missed The Air! This is Love.

While sleeping

When you sleep with your head covered, carbn dioxide concentration increasesthan oxygen which leads to damazing brain. Check while you sleep, you are able to take Air openly.

Air Pollution

Inhailing polluted air will decrease supply of oxygen to brain which decrease brain efficiency. Remember, Brain is the largest oxygen consumer in our body.

The Index Finger

The Index Finger

The Index Finger represents the element Air. This finger is also known as Pointing finger.

Its not a wrong message

Its not a wrong message saying dont burn crackers; as burning them pollutes air which in turns effect nature; animals and us. Play diwali with lightening up houses; if have money spend on poors. Happy Deepavali.

Troubles as light as Air

Troubles as light as Air; love as deep as Ocean; Friends as Solid as Diamonds; and Success as bright as Gold. These are the wishes for you and your family on the day of DUSSEHRA

February is here Love is in the air

February is here; Love is in the air; Valentines day is near; so all you love birds I just want you to cheer! Have a very Happy Season of L0VE in air! Happy Valentines Day