5 Daily Reminders

5 Daily Reminders

5 Daily Reminders

Remind yourself daily with these 5 Reminders and follow it. You are an Amazing Human Being.

Amazing Me

Design an individual business card and find out what it reveals about your personality! Select a job, hobby and favorite color and give yourself a refreshing makeover to polish your looks for the profile picture. Create a trendy outfit and finally design your card. What does it say about your character?


Human Brain is amazing

Human Brain is amazing! It functions 24 hours for 365 days. It functions right from the time we were born and only stops when we. . . . WRITE EXAMS 😀

You You You and Me

You=lovely; You=perfect; You=beautiful; You=amazing; You=sweet; You=cute; You=genius; You=fantastic; You=fabulous; Me=liar!

Made an Ugadi Full Form

Ugadi Full form is U: Ultimately G: Glorious A: Amazing D: Days I: In front for you Wish you A Happy UGADI!

Life can be unfair

Life can be unfair. Cooking a meal takes an hour; but eating it takes 5 minutes!! Constructing a building takes six months; but blowing it up takes 30 sec!! Earning Rs 25000 takes 30 days; but paying the cashier Rs 15000 for a cellphone takes 2 sec!! However; its amazing that A 1 sec smack on the cheek from your loved ones can make your day!! A 5 sec glimpse of your loved one can make your week!! and a 10 sec hug 4m your dear ones can take an years pain away!! and minutes of memories made together can last for a lifetime!!!