I got a call from heaven

This Morning I got a call from heaven. They said they were missing an Angel; Dont worry I wont tell them you are here. I am also Missing you.

Last night I sent an angel

Last night I sent an angel to watch over you while you were sleeping. He came back early; So I asked him why? He said that angels dont watch over other angel. Good Night

A negro and Angel

A Negro died and reached heaven. ANGEL: Who are you? NEGRO 2 impress her: I am Leonardo TITANIC HERO; ANGEL got confused and asked her friend: Did TITANIC sink or Burnt?

Usually people call that Angel as Mother

THE BEST MESSAGE I EVER READ GOD in heaven said to a NINE month baby you are going to born on earth tomorrow Baby cried and asked how I will talk with people; God: I had already sent an angel to earth she will teach U; Child: how i will pray to U; God: The angel will teach u; child: how i will learn good words; God: angel teach U; child: if i suffer 4m sorrow? God: angel will be there 2 listen; child: how do i find that angel? God: Its very simple! Usually people call that Angel as . . . MOTHER!

my friend is an angel

I’ ll walk w¡d u in evry step of Lyf Bt promise dat u’l hide ur wings evrytym v walk 2gethr Coz i dnt wan d world 2Know dat my frnd is an ANGEL.. gn