anna hazare

Creative slogans for Anna Hazare Campaign

Creative slogans for Anna Hazare Campaign; India Against corruption. Manmohan Singh ek kaam karo; chudi pehen kar dance karo! Sonia jiski mummy hai; wo sarkar nikammi hai. ali ka kutta ho; kapil sibbal jaisa ho! Manmohan jiska tau hai; wo sarkar bikau hai! Desh ka yuwa jaag gaya; dekho rahul bhaag gaya! Corruption: VIRUS; Anna: ANTIVIRUS and the best one to shout near the police. Ye andar ki baat hai; police hamare saath hai!

Unity is strength

Unity is strength; Anna Hazare ji and Baba Ramdev Ji have big supporters; let us join together and protest against this corrupt government; both are fighting against corruption. Jai Hind! Calling all youngsters; future of India.

Wake up people Wake up

Wake up people Wake up; You have heard how our grand fathers and grand mothers fought for freedom of our nation. Now its in front of your Eyes. Anna Hazare Ji; Ramdev Ji fighting for full freedom of nation. We need a person like Bhagat Singh Also.

Anna Hazare to fast on 8th June

Anna Hazare to fast on 8th June in Jantar Mantar protesting about what happened in Ramlila Grounds last night. All Indian people should join the movement.

Joint Drafting Committee members

The five nominee Ministers of the Government of India are: Pranab Mukherjee; P Chidambaram; M Veerappa Moily; Kapil Sibal; and Salman Khursheed. AND The five nominees of Anna Hazare :including himself: are: Anna Hazare; Justice N Santosh Hegde; Shanti Bhushan Senior Advocate; Prashan Bhushan Advocate and Arvind Kejriwal.

Anna Hazare ends his fast

Anna Hazare ends his fast as he is being offered a glass of lime juice by a small girl Sowmya. After four days of fast in Hot Summer in Delhi at last Government had relent. Anna Hazare says this is just a Start!