Jack dialled a phone

Jack dialled a phone no. A computerized female voice said. Your Balance is low; please recharge to make a call. Jack: Hmmm. Let it be; Talking with you is more than enough for me.

Balance your food choices

Balance your food choices over time. Not every food is PERFECT. When eating a food high in fat; salt or sugar, select other foods that are low in these ingredients.

SANTA loved a girl

SANTA loved a girl but never proposed her. One day he decided to tell her At 1 a.m. he typed. I Love you and clicked send after few seconds he got a message but he decided to see it next day and slept. Next day he read the message. It was written. Your a/c balance is insufficient; message cannot be sent. Hehe

Dekho mausam kitna suhana hai

Dekho mausam kitna suhana hai Thandi thandi fizao ka aana jana hai Kuchh sms kar liya karo yaar Is balance se kya apni shaadi ka card chapwana hai?