Why two cops in a car patrol

Santa: Why there are always two cops in a car patrol? Banta: In case the siren wont work; one of them to scream Wouuuu-Wouuuuu and the other Blue; Red; Blue; Red; Blue; Red.

People think that I am GOD

Santa: people think that I am GOD. Banta: How do you Know? Santa: When ever I go to any place; Every one says. Oh my God; You came again!

Santas Wife fell in a well

Santa: yesterday Night; mY wife feLL down in the WeLL. She got Hurt very MUch; She wAs shouting very much. Banta: hoWs she now? Santa: She musT be wELL now! HEr sound iS not comINg now.

Santa calls Banta

Santa calls Banta and asks How long does it take to fly to USA? Just a sec; comes an answer as Banta was busy. Thank you says the Santa and hangs up!

Santa explaining Banta

Santa: Women live a better; longer and peaceful life as compared to men. Banta: Why? Santa: Women dont have a wife!

Santa car without petrol

Banta to Santa: Santa; petrol tank is now empty; Car cannot go forward now. Santa: No Worries; Take the car backwards where we came from!