I am a fool

april fool

april fool

I am a fool. I am fool. I am fool. I am fool. I am fool. I am the biggest April Fool of this year. OK OK COOooool I AGREE YOU ARE A FOOL Control yourself. Happy April fool wishes!

Its Indian Republic Day on 26th January

Are you still sleeping? The nation needs you! You need to be Awaken! You are part of the worlds biggest Democracy. Today is the day when we got our own constitution. Its our Republic Day. Wake up and Value the Day. Happy Republic Day.

I wish you fly

I wish you fly the biggest kite in this Kite Festival. Fly high in the skies and never the thread gets break. Happy Makar Sankranti!

Lifes Cutest Prizes

Most of us Miss Out Lifes Biggest Prizes: Nobel; Oscar; Grammy s; But we are all eligible for Lifes Small and cute Prizes: Care of parents; A Hug from your lover; A Short sleep on friends shoulder; A Glorious Sunset; A chat with one we have a crush on; An ice-cream when its raining; A Silent Night on the Terrace.