happy morning

The sun is about to rise, the birds are about to sing, my heart says wish you a happy morning. Good morning

Oo Moon come slowly

Oo Moon come slowly. Oo Beautiful Birds dont make noise. Oo My Heart beat silently. Because my dear Friend reading this message is going to sleep. Good Night.

Birds singing their song

Birds singing their song Loud and clear; Announcing to the world A new day is here. Good Morning


Rising SUN; Shiny RAY. Blue SKY; Bright DAY. Small BIRDS; All They SAY. We PRAY; Wish YOU a NICE DAY. Good Morning.

Insaan samjha hi kahaa aapne

Teacher: Itne din se kahaa the? Boy: Bird flu tha. Teacher: Par ye to Birds me hota hai. Boy Gusse me: Insaan samjha hi kahaa aapne; roz to Murga bana dete ho.

February is here Love is in the air

February is here; Love is in the air; Valentines day is near; so all you love birds I just want you to cheer! Have a very Happy Season of L0VE in air! Happy Valentines Day

I will nvr stop disturbing you

EARTH may stop ROTATING; BIRDS may stop FLYING; CANDLES may stop MELTING; FISHES may stop SWIMMING; HEART may stop BEATING, But I will never stop DISTURBING U, my dear.