Color Black

Color Black: Specifies you are Anti towards love and Hate Love. You can wear black color dress or have black things around you.

Big black bear

Big black bear bit a big black bug made the big black bug bleed black blood.

Black Sky with Solo Moon

Black Sky with Solo Moon; Millions of Twinkling Stars brings you a few Silent Hours to take a Nice Rest! Enjoy the whole night with sweet dreams! Good night.

Moon would not be White

Moon would not be White; Sea would not be black; If I sleep without wishing you. Good Night!

Black and White

A question. Black is a color. Agreed? White is also a color. Agreed? But Black and White is not a Color TV why?

Black day for India

Black day for India. After the shameless things done by the Government in Ramlila Maidan Delhi. India celebrates Black day.