Mixed World

Mixed World

Help the tiny blue monsters to defend themselves against red villains. Push all red monsters off the platform and master 30 challenging levels. Other creatures will help you with their unique skills on your way to collect all achievements and beat the high score!

Blue Box

Blue Box

Blue Box is a unique and minimalist logic game for every age. Transport the blue box from the green start box to the red box. Clear all light-blue boxes on your way and master with different challenges to complete all 60 levels.

Why two cops in a car patrol

Santa: Why there are always two cops in a car patrol? Banta: In case the siren wont work; one of them to scream Wouuuu-Wouuuuu and the other Blue; Red; Blue; Red; Blue; Red.

Color Blue

Color Blue: Specifies you are Free and want to fall In Love. You can wear blue color dress or have blue things around you like flowers.

Sun is bright

Sun is bright; Sky is blue; Lets fight with kite me and you. Making a rainbow like colors while the sky is blue. Happy Kite Festival Sankranti!

Feelings are many but words are few

Feelings are many but words are few; clouds are dark but sky is blue; love is a paper; life is a glue; everything is false but our friendship is true. Happy friendship day!

Sky is blue

Sky is blue; feel this hue; My love is for you Bhaiya always true. Loads of good wishes for Raksha Bandhan