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Ojello is an awesome brain and puzzle game with 120 challenging levels. Slice the jelly in pieces, so that each shape contains only one orb! Prove your skills and become the Ojello master mind.

Keep Cutting

During Illness

When you are ill just take rest, as working hard or studying while you are ill may effect the brain and damaging it.

While sleeping

When you sleep with your head covered, carbn dioxide concentration increasesthan oxygen which leads to damazing brain. Check while you sleep, you are able to take Air openly.

Air Pollution

Inhailing polluted air will decrease supply of oxygen to brain which decrease brain efficiency. Remember, Brain is the largest oxygen consumer in our body.

Sleeping time

When you sleep the brain rests. If you make long term Deprivation from sleep, it will accelerate the death of Brain Cells. Give rest to your brain.

Smoking Effect

Smoking causes multiple brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer Diesease. Quit smoking if you care for your brain.