What is the guarnatee 4 this mirror

JACK: What is the guarantee 4 this mirror? Shopkeeper: Throw this mirror down from 100ft height, the mirror will not break till 99ft. JACK: WOW! pack it.

I wish you fly

I wish you fly the biggest kite in this Kite Festival. Fly high in the skies and never the thread gets break. Happy Makar Sankranti!

Santa fell in a hole

While walking in the highlands Santa fell down a deep hole. Banta: are you ok? Santa: Yeah! Banta: Did you break anything? Santa: No!; theres nothing down here.

Beauty does not create LOVE

Beauty does not create LOVE; But LOVE creates BEAUTY; Break everything for a HEART; But never Break a HEART for Anything.

Broken Heart words

Broken Heart words: I said my Heart is Yours. But I Didnt Say; That you have the right to Break it.

Every test in our life

Every test in our life makes us Bitter or Better. Every problem comes to Make us or Break us. Choice is ours; whether we become VICTIM or VICTOR! Happy Dussehra. Bea a VICTOR like RAM

Two Little friends in big heart

Two Little friends in big heart 1

;+”’-., ,.-”’+,
#(- _ -)(- _ -)#

Two Little friends in big heart,
promise that our friendship
will never break apart.
now and always forever.