The relation of Names of Brands

BLUETOOTH: Name of the king of Norway in 10th century. NOKIA: Name of a river in Finland. OFOTO: Old name of Kodak. BIG BLUE: Nick name of IBM. BENQ: Bringing enjoyment and quality. INTEL: Integrated electronics. MITSUBISHI: Synonym is Three diamonds. BPL: British Physical Laboratories. CNN: Cable News Network.

Inquilab Zindabad

INQUILAB ZINDABAD which means Long Live Revolution was popularized by Freedom Fighter Bhagat Singh during the british rule over India. We have to bring that revolution again. INQUILAB ZINDABAD

Jack to Jill a shopkeeper buying flag

Jack to Jill a shopkeeper: Please show me our British flag. Jill showed him the flag; Jack: Please show me some more flags with more colors in it!