While building your team

While building your team; always search for people who LOVE to WIN. If its difficult to find; then look for people who HATE to LOSE.

Life can be unfair

Life can be unfair. Cooking a meal takes an hour; but eating it takes 5 minutes!! Constructing a building takes six months; but blowing it up takes 30 sec!! Earning Rs 25000 takes 30 days; but paying the cashier Rs 15000 for a cellphone takes 2 sec!! However; its amazing that A 1 sec smack on the cheek from your loved ones can make your day!! A 5 sec glimpse of your loved one can make your week!! and a 10 sec hug 4m your dear ones can take an years pain away!! and minutes of memories made together can last for a lifetime!!!

Jack tried to kill a bird

How did jack tried to kill a bird? He took it to the top of a 50 floors building and dropped it from there to die.

Get inspired by King and a Building

Every king was once a crying baby and every great building was once a sketch. Its not where you are today but where youll reach tomorrow that’s life.