Butterfly Chocolate Cake

Butterfly Chocolate Cake

Learn to make Butterfly Chocolate Cake with Emma. After the chocolate cake is prepared, it will be cut and formed like a butterfly. Following that the cake will be decorated ad lib. Emma explains every necessary step that need to be carried out by moving the kitchen utensils and ingredients. At the end, the recipe will be available in an overwiev and the cake can be prepared at home. Enjoy the game and have Cake.

For me you are as

For me you are as; Cheeze pizza; Passport visa; Butter bread; Ice freezer; Cream cake; Water lake; Fruits tree. A FRIEND like you is ever me!

Colorful Birthday Wishes

Flying colorful papers; colorful balloons; Colorful blossom; Fantastic people; Love and laughter and delicious cake. What it describes? A special day. Your Birthday. Heres my wishes to you happy Birthday.

Biscuit inka Cake

Biscuit gaali ki pedte soft aipotadi. Cake gaali ki pedte hard aipotadi. MORAL: Hard and soft kaadu point gaaliki tirigitey evaraina panikirakunda potaru. Adi matter.

Rajnikant Birthday

One day wind was freaking very strong. After sometime it was realized that it was rajnikants birthday and Rajinikant was blowing the candles on his cake!