Kabali on Aeroplane and Car

It seems first time Kabali Promotions are going on Aeroplane. Check out the photos of Kabali on Car and Plane. Rajni Magic

Park your car

Show your skills in this cool parking game! There’s a free spot available, now it’s up to you to navigate your car safely into it. Be quick and avoid collisions – if you crash your car, the game is over. Can you complete all levels and reach a high score?

Car Crossing

You are in charge in this fast-paced skill game: control the traffic to prevent accidents. Tap on vehicles to speed them up and avoid collisions with other cars. Timing is everything – if cars crash, the game is over!

Speed Club Nitro

Speed Club Nitro

Enoy the car racing game on your smartphone. Various levels and many cars to passby and win. To come in first place pass by 20 cars. You get nitro boosters whenever you take N on the road. A Cool car racing game.

Shoot and Move

Shoot and Move

Play the Game Shoot and move originally the name is burnin’ rubber. An addictive game. Different levels of racing and shooting game. At first level you get two cars and two types of guns. After you reach a certain distance you can unlock the other car and weapons. Its an interesting game which will make you focus completely on the game and offers you for the quick decision. Play and enjoy it.

Jack bought a car on loan

Jack bought a car on loan. He did not pay the dues; the bank took away his car. Jack: If I knew this; I would have taken a loan for my marriage also!

Why two cops in a car patrol

Santa: Why there are always two cops in a car patrol? Banta: In case the siren wont work; one of them to scream Wouuuu-Wouuuuu and the other Blue; Red; Blue; Red; Blue; Red.