The end of winter season

The end of the winter season; Beginning of Spring season; the first festival of New Year. Celebrate with joy and Happiness. Wish you happy Makar Sankranti!

One kite for you

One kite for you One kite for me. Lets celebrate the festival flying our kites together. Happy makar Sankranti!

Lets spread and celebrate Republic Day

Rising; Empowered; Powerful; Ultimate; Beautiful; Independent; Charming; INDIA; It is not a dream we are more than 60 year old republic India; lets mature now and bring the laws and rights out of the constitution. Lets spread them and celebrate them


Let us remember the golden heritage of our great country and feel proud to be a part of India. Let us celebrate the 26th January; HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY.

Republic Day Salution to our country

Freedom in Mind; Faith in Words; Pride in our Heart; Memories in our Souls. Lets Salute the Nation on REPUBLIC DAY. Get united and celebrate. Happy Republic Day

Celebrate Republic Day fighting against corruption

India leads in corruption; And rich make all proliferation; We reach upto great height; Where the innocents have to fight; The sensible are made ash; While the devilz play with cash. Lets get unite and fight against then celebrate Republic Day.

Its Republic Day Today

Lets celebrate and salute the noble cause; Its our nation which is shining; Make it shine as it was; Its REPUBLIC DAY Today. Dont forget the effort; make it movement of mass!