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Mind Game Words Puzzle

Mind Game: Solve it if you are smart enough. CORRECT THE SPELLING SIMPLE WORDS with hint. Q1: OKEYRWN;City Q2: KASNLRIA;Country Q3: RUBELPM;Profession Q4: DIKYEN;Body part Q5: PITLLU;Flower Q6: TONPYHE;Animal Q7: NOMETARLLEW;Fruit Q8: NICEPSH;Vegetable Q9: MAVBCE;Invention Q10: DOCLYU;Weather

1 – new york; 2 – sri lanka; 3 – plumber; 4 – kidney; 5 – tulip; 6 – python; 7 – watermelon; 8 – spinach; 9 – Webcam 10 – cloudy.

Great men are born

Jack: How many great men are born in our city?? Jill: None; only babies were born.

1 Crore mark crossed on 02233081122

Swami Ramdev ji and his movement supporters started Fasting for bringing back the Black Money and stopping corruption. To support just dial 02233081122 from your mobile; NO CHARGES; its FREE. 1 Crore mark is crossed as announced by Swami Ramdev ji. Join the movement in your city or reach Ramleela maidan; Delhi.

Anna Hazare at the age of above 70

Anna Hazare at the age of 73 not fasting unto death for himself. He is fasting for youth and children s future. Will you sit at home and let him die? Come out from home and offices; try to reach Jantar Mantar or Campaign in your own city. Support Him.

Tweets and Fb likes will not work out

Tweets and Fb likes will not work out. Join the movement in your city. If not there start yourself; many will join you. Do fasting and join India Against corruption and demand for Jan Lokpal Bill. Support Anna Hazare.