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A coin is easy to earn

A coin is easy to earn. But A cute heart is hard to find. I lost a coin for this message. But Gained the affection of a priceless heart!

Friendship SMS

A friend is hard to find

A coin is easy to earn; a friend is hard to find. The coin depreciates but a friend appreciates. I lost a coin when I smsed YOU as mobile operators charge high on this day; but its okay because I got YOU. Happy Friendship Day!

Miscellaneous SMS

Life is like a coin

Life is Like a Coin. Pleasure & Pain rd 2 Side. Only 1 Side is Visible at a Time. But Remember Other Side Is Also Waiting For its Turn.

Friendship SMS

love life wife lover friendship coin

“LOVE” is a small coin
“LIFE” is a Big coin
“WIFE” is a lucky coin
“LOVER” is a sweet coin
But, “FRIENDSHIP” is a gold coin.. Keep it safe with you

Friendship SMS

If doubt on frndship

At anytime if u get doubt abt my frndship,tak a coin,toss it
If its Head,I’m ur good frd&if its Tail,

slap urself n toss it,until it is head…… K…gn