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Multisquare is an addicting puzzle game! Combine at least 3 blocks of the same color to remove them from the game. The more same colored blocks you remove at once, the more points you earn. Can you master the colorful blocks and reach the highest score?

Navratri Color of the Day Devi Dress Colors 2015

Navratri 2015 Day One Color : Red,
Navratri 2015 Day two Color : Royal blue,
Navratri 2015 Day three Color : yellow,
Navratri 2015 Day four Color : green,
Navratri 2015 Day five Color : grey,
Navratri 2015 Day six Color : Orange,
Navratri 2015 Day six Color : White,
Navratri 2015 Day six Color : Pink,
Navratri 2015 Day six Color : Sky Blue

Fitz Color

Fitz Color is a new game that tests your reactions. The game rules are simple: you must touch the color that appears in script. Seems easy, but the difficulty arises from the limited time you have. It is important to stay calm within your minimal time window, stay concentrated and pick the right color.


Lungi Color Chodri Ustaad

Gosh wale Pasha bhai ki ek taang neeli ho gayi. Wo doctor k paas gaye. Doctor: Shaayad zeher phail gaya. Taang kaatni padegi. Kuch din baad operation hua and Pasha bhai ki taang kaat diye. Kuch din baad doosri bhi neeli hogayi. Doctor: Zeher zyada phail gaya hai. Dusri b kaatni padegi. Dono tang kaat ke artificial laga di gayi. Kuch din baad artificial taang bhi neeli pad gayi. Doctor: Ab tumari bimari samajhme aa gayi..Pasha bhai, TUMARI LUNGI COLOUR CHODRI USTAAAD. ???????