Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft

Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft. Didn’t completed his University education. Was interested to open the company and left education. It means you should be mad on the work you are interested in.

Ultimate answer by Santa

Ultimate answer while changing the job. Interviewer: Why do you want to change the Job? Santa: Because the company shifted somewhere else and did not tell me where.

Companies allowed to watch Cricket Match

Do you know why companies allowed to watch semi finals India vs Pakistan? Its simple; Employees gets so much energy after India Wins; they work almost double and doubles the income of company!

A celebration reason for Infosys today

Infosys people; enjoy the day as the company got listed in NASDAQ. Infosys is the first Indian Company to be listed in NASDAQ! It was in the year 1999

I need your friendship

I need your friendship; I need your company; I need your support; I need your advice; I want to be like you; Bas; Aaj to maine barbad hone ka faisla kar liya hai