Dont cry over that

Dont cry over that boy who broke your heart. He only broke it because he knew he was not going to be the one who complete it.

When love is complete

Love is heat. You are sweet. When two Lips are meet. Love is complete. Right Na my Honey

Friends are like sketch pens

Friends are like sketch pens: They color your lives. I may be not your favorite color. But you will need me some day to complete your picture!

Friends for incompleteness

Making friends for the complete life is not important. But having a friend who fills up the incompleteness in your life is most important.

Our hearts are like puzzles

Our hearts are like puzzles; we are all just waiting to find that one person who will actually stay and complete it.

Friends are like sketch pens

“Friends are like sketch pens. They color our lives. I may not be Your favorite color, but You will need me Somewhere to Complete Your picture.!