Be Frank to say about me

Be Frank to say about me Use only – Yes | No | Little | More. Selfish: Beautiful: Crazy: Sincere: Rude: Caring: Cool: Talkative: Funny: Boring: Loving: MUST REPLY.

What is an old age

A cool reply for question: What is an old age? Answer: When you start turning off lights for economical reasons rather than romantic reasons.

Moon always be full and bright

I wish Moon always be full and bright And you always be cool and right. Whenever you go to switch off the light; Remember that I am wishing you Good Night!

Famous Quote on Anger

A famous Quote on Anger: You will not be punished for you are anger; BUT you will be Punished by your Anger. So stay cool all the time.

Bath with your sweat

Enjoy the bath with your sweat; Drink water to keep the body cool. Wishing you a HOT summer Good Afternoon.