Let us remember the golden heritage of our great country and feel proud to be a part of India. Let us celebrate the 26th January; HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY.

Republic Day is a Day to remember

Republic Day is a day to remember; When a thought of freedom was born. Dont just take It as a national holiday. Try something new to improve our country. Have a Happy Republic Day.

East or West India is the Best

As it is rightly said: India is the only country where everything is possible; so we can Say East or West India is the Best. Lets celebrate the best countrys Republic Day.

Our Country on Deepavali

I wish this deepavali our country lights up with diyas everywhere and could be seen from moon. Light up diyas eveywhere and make country bright.

Other might have forgotten

Other might have forgotten; But never can I; The Flag of my country always Furls very high. Happy Independence day.