I can have half of my salary.

After his Divorce a husband came out of the court jumping, dancing, singing ?
His friend asked him why he was so happy.
He replied “Court has said to pay my wife half of my salary.”
Friend asked “Why are you happy?”
He said “From now on I can have half of my salary.” ?

A drunkard in court

A drunkard was brought to court. Just before the trial there was a commotion in the gallery. The judge pounded the gravel on his table and shouted,; Order; order. The drunkard immediately responded; Thank you; your honor; I will have a scotch and soda.

Kaidi and Sardar

KAIDI: Try Karna Mujhe Umr Qaid HO Fansi Nai. Srdar WAKIL: Dont Worry Kii darr raha hai; After Court. KAIDI: Kya hua? Srdar: Bhut Mushkil Se Umr Qaid mili; Saale Riha kar rahe the.