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Cricket 🏏 related funny messages

Enjoy the funniest cricket messages for having a good laugh. Aaj 1st semi final ke baad humein pata chalegaa ki.humein lagaan dekhni hai ya border! Brilliant sign at Pune tea stall:Tea will be served only in the sauceras Mumbai took away the cup! They said, When Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) is added with Lithium (Li)it becomes Explosive Reagent.Well said… “KOH+Li=KOHLI! I have five tickets for the Mumbai semifinal.Anyone interested in coming?……..Agar Aisa Koi Message Aaye,To Mujhe Batana. Main Bhi Chaloonga! Smith : Aaj Phir Haar Gaye, Finch : Sahi Mein Yaar…. Smith : Maine Bola ThaKi Green Dress Mat Pehno,India Wale […]

Cricket Crazy Husband

Cricket Crazy Husband wanted to call the hospital to ask about his pregnant wife; but accidentally called the cricket stadium and asks Hows the situation? He was shocked and nearly died on hearing the reply. They said; Its fine. Three are out; hope to get another seven out by lunch. last one was a duck!