The most touching lines for a Friend

The most touching lines written by a man to his best friend: Ever you miss me; never you cry. For a drop of tear in your eyes is a day less in my life.

Game called TRY and CRY for Mobile

Try this; Its fun; Take your mobile; Select Vibrate mode and put in Water. Now give a call; your mobile wil start swimming. Its a new game called TRY and CRY!

You do not know why

Love hurts. Boys lie. Friends cry. People die. Parents yell. You always try. You are never good enough; and you do not know why.

Mirror Friendship

I am mirror: When you smile; I also Smile; When you cry I also Cry; But when you Hit me; I cant hit you but I breakdown. THIS IS FRIENDSHIP.

Sweet Memories Confusing

Memories play a very confusing role. They make us laugh wen we remember the time we cried together. But make us cry when we remember the time we laughed together.

Relation between two eyes

Do you know the relation between your two eyes? They blink together; move together; cry together; see things together and sleep together though they never see each other; Friendship should be just like that. Life is hell without friends.