How to feed Animals

How to feed Animals

Play the Game to solve the Animals feeding in each level. Swipe on the animal to feed it, Each level is won by feeding all the animals while last one will be left. The Game has 40 levels to play.

You are my heart

Far or near: You are my dear. Young or Old: You are my gold. East or west: you are my best. Cute and Smart: You are my sweet. Start or end: You are my heart.

Heart and Eyes Love Story

Cute love story; Heart: I Love YOU; Eye: why? Heart: bcoz my beats depends on the Beauty you Watch. Eyes: I Love you too Heart: Why? Eyes: bcoz when I watch beauty; you give the feelings for it.

Cute and true lines

Cute and true lines: Never choose a dearone without understanding; and Never lose a dearone because of misunderstanding.

A man with God

A man asked god: Why did you made woman so cute? God Said: So you can love her. Man asked: God; why did you made her so stupid? God said: So that she can Love you too.