Always been a headache

From Mon to Sun; From Jan To Dec; From birth till my death; my feelings for you have never changed. For me; you have always been a headache.

My wishes for you in this New Year

Great start for Jan; Love for Feb; Peace for the march; No worries for April; Fun for May; Joy for June to Nov; Happiness for Dec; Have a lucky and wonderful NEW YEAR!

Did you see outside

Hey; did u see outside? It looks like full white blanket is covering trees; vehicles; everything. It nothing but snow! Todays date is 25th dec! Its Christmas man. . Wheres my gift? I have been waiting since one yr. . Merry Christmas

I just woke up

I just woke up nd saw my room is full of Gifts and noticed its 25th dec; Christmas day! I eagerly started opening the first gift box; suddenly my heart said first wish your lovingly dearest friend. . Heres for your Merry Christmas