Ask your description with chocolate names

Which chocolate relates best to me. Temtation: Flirt. Bournville: Stylish. 5star: Sweet. Munch: Frank. Dairy milk: Sexy. Milkybar: Decent. Kitkat: Cute. Reply me quickly

What I am

You are: 1.Naughty but childish 2.Truefrnd 3.Beautiful n cute 4.Cool n smart 5.Hot n atractive 6.Stupid n decent 7.Sweetheart 8.Bestfrnd 9.Nice persn 10.Sweet idiot Wats my number?Reply must.

Ila yenduku alochistav

I m 2 bad I m not decent I m not good I m Krack I m Mental I m Waste Ila yenduku alochistav. Nuvvu ela unna Na Friend ve ra. sare na.