Boy to a Girl for True Love

True love! Girl: which is more important your life or me? Boy: Before I answer that; let me ask you something Girl: sure. Boy: what is difference between you and my life.

Funny thing of charging Phone

Funny things people do: Charging your phone for 5 minutes before you leave because you think it will make a difference.

Attitude makes the difference

All birds find shelter during a rain but Eagle avoids rain by flying above the Clouds. Problems are common; but attitude makes the difference.

Difference between BLOOD and FRIEND

What is the difference between BLOOD and FRIEND. BLOOD enters the heart and flows out. But FRIEND enter the HEART and Stays inside Forever. Happy friendship day my friend.

Difference between love and friendship

Difference between love and friendship. You give your whole heart to your love and they break it. But you give your broken heart to your friend and they make it. Happy Friendship day my dear friend!

TRY is a small word

TRY is a small word; that can make a BIG difference; If we TRY; we only risk failure; but if we dont TRY then we ENSURE FAILURE.