Santa giving entrance exam

Santa giving exam while standing at the door. Banta asks Why are you standing at the door? Santa: Idiot; I am giving entrance test; dont disturb please.

I thought you were busy

I thought you were busy; so i didnt want to disturb you; This thought is the main reason behind most broken relations. So disturb those; whom you never want to lose in your life.

Emraan Hashmi sleeping

After the Death of EMRAAN HASHMI; What will be Written on his Grave? Dont Disturb; Sone de SAALE ko. Pehli baar to Akele so Raha Hai!


SINCERE APOLOGY: If u dont like any of my sms & dont like to read or if my msgs disturb u; then plz dont hesitate; feel free to. THROW UR MOBILE

U May Hav 3 Reasons 4 Not SMSng Me

U May Hav 3 Reasons 4 Not SMSng Me: 1. No Balance. 2. No Free SMS Package. OR 3. No guts to Disturb the Prince of  DELHI! (CHANGE TO YOUR CITY NAME)