A funny life cycle

A funny life cycle; COCKROACH is afraid of RAT. RAT of CAT. CAT of DOG. DOG of MAN. MAN of his GIRLFRIEND n GIRLFRIEND OF COCKROACH.

Doggy Dive

Discover a fantastic underwater world in Doggy Dive! Get into the water and dive as deep as you can. Collect air bubbles and coins and avoid dangers like poisonous jellyfish, blowfish and sharks. Prove your skills and reach a high score!

Jack for hunting Lion

Jack standing near door. Jill: Why are you standing here? Jack: I am going to hunt a lion. Jill: then go? Jack: How can i go? Dog is standing and barking outside.

‎The three most difficult things

The three most difficult things to do in the world. 1. You cant count your hair. 2. You cant wash your eyes with soap. 3. You cant breathe when your tongue is out. . . Now please put your tongue back inside you look like a thirsty dog.

Dog under Santa’s Car

One dog was sitting under the santa car. Santa: what are you doing under my car. Dont try to become an engineer.

Love story of a dog

A love story of a dog. . . . . . . . . . Once said Love story, so much interested in reading Hmmm? you will not even leave a Dog??