I wont be Impressed

I wont be Impressed with Science and technology Until I can download a Zinger Burger and a Chilled Coke.

Shut down your Eyes

Shut down your Eyes; Log on some Memories; Download some Dreams; Save some Joys; Delete all your Sorrows. Have a nice Sleep. Good Night.

A B C D for future KG classes

A B C D for future KG classes

A: Apple; B: Blue tooth; C: Chat; D: Download; E: Email; F: Facebook; G: Google; H: Hewlett Packard; I: iPhone; J: Java; K: Kingston; L: Laptop; M: Messenger; N: Nokia; O: Orkut; P: Picasa; Q: Quicktime; R: RAM; S: Samsung; T: Twitter; U: USB; V: Vista; W: Wifi; X: XP; Y: Youtube; Z: Zorpia.