Casual Dress Fashion

Do you have what it takes to become a top model? Buy a stunning outfit and get ready for a photo shooting with a professional photographer. Make sure to follow the dress code and complete all sessions to unlock freeplay mode. Work in the Candy Shop if you need additional money to buy new clothes. Can you become a model super star?

Fairy Princess

In this new fabulous dress up game the fairy princess needs a new outfit and you can create it for her! Pick out of different dresses, pumps, tiaras, accessory, skirts and tops the perfect combination and match it with the cutest hairstyle. You can get inspiration from different famous princesses and create the perfect princess look!

Christmas Costume

The holiday season is just around the corner and you’re not feeling it yet? This adorable dress up game will get you in the mood for Christmas! Combine tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, accessories and many more items to create your favorite outfit. Finish your look with a matching hairstyle, make-up and a cute hat and be the star at every Christmas party!

Merry Christmas

Navratri Color of the Day Devi Dress Colors 2015

Navratri 2015 Day One Color : Red,
Navratri 2015 Day two Color : Royal blue,
Navratri 2015 Day three Color : yellow,
Navratri 2015 Day four Color : green,
Navratri 2015 Day five Color : grey,
Navratri 2015 Day six Color : Orange,
Navratri 2015 Day six Color : White,
Navratri 2015 Day six Color : Pink,
Navratri 2015 Day six Color : Sky Blue

Halloween Lily

Halloween Lily

It’s Halloween time and Lily needs a costume – creepy witch or cute pumpkin? Choose from many different categories and give Lily a scary makeover to make her the star at the next Halloween party! Design your favorite outfit: pick a wig, dress, shoes and spooky accessories in this horribly fun dress up game!

Shopping Lily

Shopping Lily

Shopping Lily is a best friendly game for girls. Lily is always in the app and you can dress her up in the way you like it. There are many features in the game from changing the back ground of Lily to selecting which jewelry suits her. To explore the features play now and enjoy.

Color White

Color White: Specifies you are already booked. Wear White color dress; an easy way to say without saying.