Couple and Taxi Driver Titanic twist

A couple were doing romance in a Taxi. Taxi driver was seeing them and Hit a pole after some distance. Then Taxi driver cried beating his head; Now I understood why TITANIC sinked.

Old lady and Bus Driver

An old Lady gave the bus Driver peanuts to eat. This happened for several Times. The driver said why have you givn me such wonderful peanuts to eat? why dont you eat them yourself? Tha Lady replied I dont have teeth to munch them Driver:Then why you bout them? Old Lady: I just Love the chocolate Around them.

Ekda eka poptala accident zala

Ekda eka popatla accident zhala. tyala truck dhadakla. ekane tyala uchloon pinjryat takle. Popat ;shuddhit aalyavar; : aayla; me ani jail? driver mela ki kay?