Everything is Easy

Golden lines. Everything is Easy; when you are Busy. Nothing is Easy; when you are Lazy.

Both and Mistake

What is BOTH? Easy as well as difficult in life. Ans: MISTAKE. Easy to judge when others do it. Difficult to realize when we do it.

Fighting with a Friend

Fighting with the world is easy. We either WIN or LOSE. But Fighting with a friend is difficult. If we LOSE; We LOSE and If we WIN; Still we LOSE.

Life Becomes Very Easy When We

All Fingers Are Not Same In Length; But When They Bend All Stand Equal. Life Becomes Very Easy When We Bend And Adjust To Situation. Life Is Urs. Choice Is Urs.

Question ki yes or no answer

Yes or No cheppatam anta easy anukuntunnava. Dammunte e question ki yes or no answer cheppu. GUDILO CHEPPULU KOTTEYADAM MANESAVA?

Never forget Eshwar

In this E:ra of E:mail E:paper E:recharge E:transfer E:commerce E:seva Never forget E:SHWAR who makes E:verything E:asy for E:veryone E:verytime.