Beware of EGO

Beware of EGO It is a sword with two edges. The outer edge cuts your POPULARITY, while the inner edge cuts your PURITY

COMPROMISING does not mean that

COMPROMISING does not mean that you are wrong and some one is right; it only means that you value your RELATIONSHIP much more than your EGO.

Words I We and Ego

Most selfish one letter word: I~Avoid it. Most Satisfying two letter word: WE~Use it. Most poisonous three letter word: EGO~Kill it.

Life and Ego

Life always lies between EGO and CARE. CARE says lets message Him or Her. But EGO says let Him or Her message me.

Nails and Ego

A nice SMS: When Nails are growing we cut our nails; Not Fingers. Similarly when ego is Raising; We should cut ego not Relationship.