Gangsters son in exam

Q. What did gangsters son tell his dad when he failed in exams? Ans. Dad they questioned me for three hours but I didnt revealed them a single word.

Height of hope

Whats the Height of hope? It is Sitting in the Exam Hall; Holding the Question Paper in Hand and Telling Yourself. Dude; Dont Worry Exams will get Postponed!

What Santa does when he didnt knew answer

Santa did not know answer in exam. He thinks a lot and he gets idea of mobile recharge card and just write one line for each question. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just scratch here and check answer.

Beautiful Feeling

Which is the Most Beautiful Feeling in the World? When you try to look at your Friend and you find that your Friend is already Looking at you. and that too its in Exam Hall.

Love vs Exam

Love vs Exam: Love: Lots of thoughts in mind but no guts to express. Exam: Dying to express but no thoughts in mind.

Define college student

Define college student. A college student is not the one who reads the book before exam! But; the one who writes a new book during the exam!

Life is more strict than a teacher

Life is more strict than a teacher. A teacher teaches a lesson and takes an exam. But life takes an exam and then teaches a lesson. strange but true!