Heart is never been tired

Sometimes: My Brain is tired to think. Eyes are tired to see. Lips are tired to speak. Hands are tired to work. Feet are tired to walk. But my Heart is never been tired to loving you.

Miss you so much

Close Your Eyes; Relax Your Body and stop breathing as Long as you can. Now Breath. I Miss You as Much as You Missed The Air! This is Love.

Forgive my eyes for

Forgive my eyes for admiring your beauty. You stole my heart the moment you looked at me; call me crazy call me insane every time my heart beats it mentions your name.

Shut down your Eyes

Shut down your Eyes; Log on some Memories; Download some Dreams; Save some Joys; Delete all your Sorrows. Have a nice Sleep. Good Night.

If in examination hall

If in examination hall during the exam you feel that the paper is tough; dont worry. Just close your eyes;
take a deep breath and say to yourself. This is a very interesting subject. I want to study it one more time.

Mother s E

Mother s E is for her EYES; with love-light shining to watch you.