Three facts in SMS

Three Facts In This World Fact 1: You cannot touch all your teeth with your tongue; Fact 2: After reading the first fact, all fools try it. Fact 3: Fact1 is false Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha……………… Keep Smiling…

Funny fact of Boys

A Mind Blowing Funny Fact: No matter whether guys buy 220cc pulsars or 350cc Royal Enfields any 1000cc Bike. It cannot overtake a beautiful girl on 80cc Scooty.

Trust of a person

Fact Of Life Said By someone: My Trust Is Free For The First Time. But The Minute You Lose It; it Will Cost You a Lot To Get It Back.

Reasearch on Man of Wife

Research has revealed that you can actually fall in love with your own wife; if somebody else describes her to you! Its a True Fact.

Fact about communication problems

True Fact: All communications problems are due to the reason that we dont listen to understand. We listen to reply! Think about it.

Funny Corporate Fact

CORPORATE FACT: When I dont do it on time I AM LAZY! When my Boss does not do it on time HE IS BUSY! POSITION MAKES THE DIFFERENCE!

Fact 4 todays generation

Fact 4 todays generation: Love marriage means to marry your own Boy friend OR Girl friend. Arranged marriage means to marry others boy friend OR girl friend.