Four candles were talking to each other

Four candles were talking to each other

1st-“I am PEACE, no one needs me” & it went off..
2nd-“I am FAITH, nobody believes in me” & it went off..
3rd-“I am LOVE, nobody cares for me” & it went off..
4th-“I can light the other three because I am HOPE & I last forever!”

Life is tough, sometimes impossible to live.. but never lose hope.
I wish that your candle of HOPE lights all your other candles and keep them glowing.
Stay Blessed 🙂

Constitution formed day

Constitution Gave us Faith; Freedom; Peace and Pride. So Lets Value the Day it was created And Wish Happy Republic day with a smile.

Take the first step

Take the first step in faith. You dont have to see the whole staircase; just take the first step.

The love we shared

The love we shared will see you through; Hold on with all your might; To all the faith and love we shared. For this is just Good Night.

A new relationship means

A new relationship means taking a risk; a leap of faith. No matter how many times you have been hurt in the past you have to move forward.

Business man Inspiration

A big business man lost everything in fire. Next day placed signboard. EVERYTHING BURNT but luckily FAITH and CONFIDENCE UNDAMAGED. Business starts TOMORROW.

Life may be rough and tough

Life may be rough; and life may be tough. For sometimes you must fall to Pieces; to watch those Pieces fall into right Places. Keep the faith!